The 'Studio für Digitaltechnik' has a high quality Network of suppliers and service-providers, which enables the Studio to deliver solutions which are far beyond printing only. This combination of hiegh quality printouts and sophisticated presentation-displays is very convincing in the field of trade fairs, POS or POI.

The usage of an efficient 3-D-planning software allows the 'Studio für Digitaltechnik' to design a complete "appearance2 of trade fairs - an additional innovative offer, which is very different to other competitors.

The 'Studio für Digitaltechnik' offers a broad spectrum of high quality, individual and exclusive performance in the following areas:

  • Digital prints on nearly all materials available
  • Finishing-, Refining process
  • Presentation-Displays

The ‚Studio für Digitaltechnik' places a high value on competent and individual customer consulting. The outcome is totally based on customer wishes and needs - no matter if it is only a printout or a complete presentation for trade fairs.

If a customer uses a presentation-display only rarely, he could even get displays at loan.