GBC Pro Tech F-60+ Transfer Laminator
Summa S2 Class 140 T
Rollsroller Flatbed Applicator 280/145R
Heatjet 75 Max 2
Mimaki CG-130SR II Schneideplotter


Print refining

We protect the high-quality prints against UV-rays and mechanical strain by covering the prints with UV-protection foil. This gives more value to the prints, but also improves the longevity.

We offer:

  • Hot laminated UV-protection both-sided
  • UV-protection foil, cold 80 µm
  • Protection foil 80µ UV/SK-Foil
  • Protection foil both-sided, cold, UV
  • Sand structure foil – scratch-proof, durable surface
  • Flooring lamination
Paste on workings

We paste on your graphics mechanically (up to 155cm width) to the following materials:

  • Hard Foam: 205 x 305 cm
  • Acrylic-Glass: 205 x 305 cm
  • Kapamount: 153 x 305 cm
  • Alu-Dibond: 205 x 405 cm

All materials are available in different strength. Special materials on offer.

Aluminium frames

All prints delivered from either us or you can be framed with aluminium profiles in different colours and sizes – no standardised sizes necessary – the frames will be produced individually after your wishes.

  • silver mat
  • gold, bronze, black mat
  • white, yellow, red, green, blue, pink, dark-blue
  • gold, silver, black glossy

The aluminium frames impress with a decent, rounded front, which gives a classical, timeless optic. The patented connecting-system allows for easy and fast assembling without a screwdriver or other aid. The Profile is very robust because of its hollow body. Strong, elastic stretchers press the print (object) constantly to the glass-front.
If you wish, we also deliver complete frames with acrylic front-panel.

Cutting plots and vehicle graphics

Cutting fonts and wraps of different foils for different substrates, e.g: Glass, walls, vehicles and much more.
We only use films from well-known manufacturers with the corresponding certifications.